what we do

  • Web Design

  • eCommerce

  • Content Management Solutions

  • Website Maintenance

  • Merchant Assistance

  • System Administration

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Hosting

Web Design

We’re passionate about creating beautiful, advanced web sites but our focus is always to understand your business and meet your objectives within budget.


We understand the web from the bits and bytes upwards so we can ensure that as well as being visually stunning your website is well engineered, works on all browsers, performs well and is search engine friendly.


We have the expertise and experience to provide you with top-notch advice in plain language to help you make the right decisions for your business.


We believe that every business should be able to easily change and update their own website without the cost of hiring IT expertise (see the section on Content Management Systems). Equally you should be able to get an analysis of the visitors who use your site.


We do not follow a  pre-defined process as every client and situation is different. We can provide you with detailed documentation or give hands-on training and familiarisation so that you are totally at home managing your site.


Naturally we can help with registering your domain name and hosting if required.


If you are just starting out we can help you to start your first online shop based on a hosted solution with the minimum of fuss at the minimum up-front cost.


Or if you already selling online and looking to move to the next level we can design an international shop with multiple language and currency options. We can undertake graphic design, templating, customisation, data migration and extension development. We can even help you with your product photography.


Use our experience in a wide range of shopping cart systems (both hosted and installed) to help you decide which one is right for you.


We understand how important your online sales are and apply an appropriate level of engineering rigour to all our ecommerce projects.

Content Management Solutions

A Content Management System (CMS) allows users to easily publish and control content via the web (text, images, video, multimedia). This is achieved by separating the content itself from the technical aspects of managing a dynamic website. If you are capable of using a modern word processor such as Microsoft Word then you can manage your own website using a CMS.


For most small businesses a website based on a CMS means that while they need specialist help to set up and install a site they are then able to manage the site on their own with little ongoing specialist IT expertise. Typically the look-n-feel of a site is managed using a template that ensures the appearance of the site automatically remains consistent. Changing the look of the site simply means deploying a new template.


Even better, most of the best CMSs around today are Open Source and available for free. CMSs are widely used from simple blog sites to large dynamic and interactive sites belonging to large corporations. Most famously the The Economist and the American Government site www.whitehouse.gov are run using a free CMS system (Drupal).


We only work with ‘best of breed’ CMS systems. By that we mean systems that are widely deployed and actively maintained. This means your investment is secure and you have the widest options for enhancing and developing your site.

Website Maintenance


No matter what sort of site you have, if it needs some maintenance we can help using our broad experience across different websites and systems.


Maintenance can include updating software, new site sections, troubleshooting,  changing the look-n-feel or just a implementing some new content.


Plus, we'll not give you the hard sell to drop your current site and get a shiny new one from us. If you are happy with your current site then we will help you to keep it that way.

Merchant Assistance

Is your ecommerce site needing some work or do you just need a helping hand to undertake everyday administration?


We can help with re-pricing, product uploads, package upgrades, catalogue/category updates, etc .


Our rates are not prohibitive and we work extremely hard.

System Administration

We can undertake a wide range of essential system administration activities to keep your web site, online store or web server running smoothly and securely. Examples are:


  • Backups
  • SSL certificates
  • Server/host moves
  • Package installation and upgrade
  • System Updates
  • Test servers


For ongoing peace of mind why not make use our Rent-an-Admin service. This gives reduced rates for regular activities and maintenance (minimum 0.5 days per month). Contact us for more details.

Cloud Solutions

Renting your own server and installing and managing software is not always the best option especially when the functionality is complex. Cloud solutions are sold as a complete centrally hosted package. These hosted solutions are sometimes also known as "Software as a Service (SaaS)" or "software on demand".


Typically cloud based solutions are available for a monthly fee as opposed to an upfront purchase or development. Inevitably these hosted solutions are less flexible than developing or buying/customising your own software but if you can find a service that is a reasonable fit it is worth accepting the constraints.


Often the key to success using cloud solutions is in the integration and customisation of the hosted products and getting them to look and feel like they are part of your overall web presence. Use our experience to help select, configure and customise a suitable solution. We are aware of most of the Gotchas that hosted products can throw up and will provide a faster implementation than simply going it alone. Using a cloud based solution is often a good way to test out what you actually need before committing to your own solution.


We have a belief that keeping domain registration, hosting and design/development activity separate is a wise strategy for most businesses. It's a case of not keeping all your eggs in the same basket.


That said, we do provide a hosting service for our customers who truly want a one-stop-shop solution. Our hosting is provided using fully managed UK based servers. We can tailor our packages to provide exactly what you need.


Please contact us for more details.