Location, Location, Location

We are located in central Scotland (within easy reach of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling) but have successfully worked with partners and clients from around the UK and abroad. With today’s collaboration tools such as audio/video conferencing, screen sharing, cloud drives, etc location ceases to be an issue. We are happy to adopt our working day to cater for time zone differences and where the practicalities of travel allows we will of course meet face-to-face or deliver training on-site.

We ALL change our minds

Our approach to design is to work iteratively and share our progress openly along the way. This encourages discussion and helps ensure you are not boxed into decisions too early. Many companies make a big effort to tie down requirements early before disappearing off to undertake development. Whilst this approach makes life easy for development teams it rarely produces the best outcome for customers.

We like to sleep at night

We’re sorry but we have strong professional opinions and keeping them to ourselves never seems to pay off. If we can see a way to cheaply solve a problem instead of you spending a small fortune on a bespoke project with us then we will say so. We may not be rich but we do sleep soundly in our beds because of it.

No lock in - EVER!

We rely on repeat business and have long standing relationships with most of our customers. But we would rather you stayed with us because you want to rather than because you have to. The only tie-in we ever use is to give excellent service at a fair price.

Have the best team

We recognise that we don’t always have all the answers or skills so we have developed a network of partners who complement our own skills and bring something extra to a project. If you already have a design team we are always happy to work alongside them or any of your other partners.

Use the best ingredients

We’ve spent a significant amount of time testing and working with a wide range of software packages to establish their strengths and weaknesses.

By using best-of-breed software components we ensure not only that you get the best solution but also that it will be supported in the longer term. It also means that you have the maximum flexibility for future development work as there is the widest availability of skills and add-on products available.

Flair vs Engineering?

We simply don’t accept this as a trade off at all! Why shouldn’t attractive sites be well engineered? Making beautiful things that work well is not always easy and perhaps this is why not all design companies think this way.

Not Just geeks

We are proud of our technical expertise and admit that we get excited by new ways to gain benefit from technology but we try very hard to speak in plain English and not hide behind technology. We’ve been around the block a few times and developed some good business acumen which helps us to understand your business so that we can deliver the most benefit.

Appropriate documentation

For every project we agree with clients exactly what documentation we will provide. Our design and user documentation not only makes your life simple but also means you will always be free and able to get future work undertaken by whoever you chose without having to start from scratch. Depending on the project we sometimes use screencasts or hands-on tutorials instead of or along-side our user manuals.

The most important thing in life is...

If you run a successful dynamic website the day will come when you’ll agree that the most important thing in life is having good backups. Backups are so important that our advice about backing-up is always free.